Friday, August 30, 2013

Do Using Make Up Is Reason Behind Every Girls Pimple?

A lot of girls have a bittersweet relationship with cosmetics. Many women use cosmetics for aesthetic purposes; it enhances every girls beauty and it makes them more stunning and glamorous. Girls rely on cosmetics to improve the appearance of their faces. Make ups give color to their life and keeps their overall appearance be at its finest. 

Women also rely on cosmetics to conceal their blemishes and skin's imperfections including acne and forget to follow any health tips.

Some planned meetings, rendezvous and parties cannot be re-scheduled, and they don't have any choice but to go even if they aren't confident about their pimples. Their best last resort is to conceal it with strong concealers, primer, foundation and compact powder. Some of the best cosmetics perfectly hide it and it boost up their confidence that is about to deplete. But without realizing this kind of remedy worsen the condition of their skin even after. 

Putting makeup is a direct contact of an external element to your own skin. With that said, some cosmetics contain chemicals that are harmful to our own skin. It can causes allergies because of the reaction of chemicals to a girl's skin. Cosmetics are made up from different kinds of ingredients and chemicals, some of it aren't fitted to all type of skin. Furthermore, it is more harmful to those who have a sensitive skin and still continue to use make ups.

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