Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Adults Irregular Sleeping And Its Effects

Irregular sleeping is very common to adults especially to the young generation. Due to other unnecessary activities that they have been doing, they are forgetting that they are already lacking sleep. Many young people are preoccupied in using different high-technological gaming gadgets that are one of the reason of their sleepless nights, the internet and social media are also one of the reason why they lack sleep, watching movies and videos on the internet are just some of their regular nightly activities.
Because they enjoy those kinds of activities, they become unaware that their body is seriously lacking an important activity that it badly needs; a good quality and amount of sleep.
The number of people having a sleeping disorder is drastically rising, due to many stimuli that keep us awake for a longer time at night. Once we tolerate ourselves to stay up all night, our body adjusts and tries to compensate. When our body becomes too adjusted to that kind of sleeping pattern, our body finds it hard to go back to its normal cycle. Our body is capable of adjusting but once it gets used to a certain habit, it cannot easily go back to the habit that is right for it. We are the owner of our own body and we are the only one who has the responsibility to take care of it. We can buy extravagant clothes to cover our body, shoes to protect our feet, perfume to keep it fragrant and other accessories to make it look more aesthetically appealing but we cannot buy a good sleep; it is a fact that we should always be reminded of.

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