Thursday, June 6, 2013

Do Lack of Sleep Weakens Immune System That Fights Bacteria Causing Acne?

We are all well informed about the health tips that irregular sleeping pattern is really hazardous to our health. Heath studies show that irregular sleeping is one of the leading causes of pimple outbreak especially to the young ones.   
Acne and pimples are really a big hassle to our faces; it degrades our self-esteem and can cause severe depression because we lose our own confidence. Studies show that when we don't sleep well, our immune system goes down. 

The system important to fight off bacteria and other microorganism becomes weak, hence the growth of acne. When a certain organism gets into our skin, our immune system works hard to fight it because it is harmful to our body. But when we lack enough sleep, our immune system cannot function normally. 
When it deteriorates, it loses its capability to fight off those unwanted bacteria that lingers in our skin. Those microorganisms get inside the pores in our skin which leads to infection, because our body has its own defense mechanism towards infection. 
The next process will be the inflammation of the pores; because the body wants to confine the bacteria in a certain place of our body, there will be an internal reaction that will lead to accumulation of secretions such as pus which therefore leads to pimple outbreak.

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