Friday, August 10, 2012

Crabs Std

Crabs Std is sexually transmitted disease, transmitted by anal, oral or vaginal activities. Crabs std are caused by lice, which are also known as pubic lice and breed in pubic area. Crabs std are not microscopic but caused by organism. Crabs disease is not only transmitted through sexual but children get affected by sharing of towels or by close contact.

Crab std characterized by itching in pubic or genital area. In span of two or three days affected person will have itching and can see crawling of lice.  The person affected with crabs disease will feel embarrassing to move around in public.

Nearly 3 million cases are seen in US yearly. One should make sure that such disease does not spread on sitting on toilet seats. Its clearer those people infected from such disease are from sexual intercourse, sharing of cloths or bedding. Such patient should be investigate whether they are infected with other STDs.

If you are aware or seen varieties of magnificent pubic lice pictures the organism in lice are called crabs. The resemblance of pubic lice is more or less like crab.

Health Tips measures one can follow by applying lotion in affected areas to kill lice, these lotion contains piperonyl butoxide. Some shampoos are available in market for treatment of crab std. To totally eradicate pubic lice in your place follow some Health Tips like always keep your towels washed and dried in sun and other clothing used by you. Mattress or bedding should be kept under the sun for 2 to 3 days. For some time sexual activities should be avoided. One must be more hygienic to avoid such diseases.

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