Friday, June 8, 2012

Dealing with Acute Drug Shortage

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In the last few months, there has been a continued shortage of essential drug supplies in UK and parts of Europe. This has brought a scare in the health sector where patients are being treated and given prescriptions but they can hardly have access to these drugs.  Cancer, High Blood pressure, and male impotence victims are the most affected where the biggest number of pharmacies are recording little to zero supply of these drugs for their increasing customers.*

The situation has become so critical that it has forced the minister in charge of health to record a ministerial statement and address a series of
media briefings regarding the issue. Just when most people are in dire need of these drugs the situation seems to have gotten worse. Victims of the dreaded male impotence and other sex related ailments cannot seem to buy Xenical supplies although their conditions are not cases of emergency.*

However, what is more worrying is the fact that analysts project the situation will get worse as long as the pound will continue to perform badly against the euro. This, according to experts has prompted most of the supplies to be taken abroad at least until the financial situation improves. Another problem that has been blamed for the shortages is expensive drug manufacturing ingredients which have been brought about by shortage of the same.*

According to a section of MPs and Labor officials, the acute shortage of essential drugs can be resolved if the bodies responsible can take the matter as an emergency before it’s too late. They have gone ahead to put to task the regulations for drug raw material supplies which they argue are too tough and demanding, thus are putting off manufacturers. They continue to say that as long as these regulations are not reviewed, chances of attracting new manufacturers are very slim, close to zero.*

It is feared that this shortage may have a very deadly impact on the health of patients because there is likelihood, almost a certainty that there will be so many counterfeits from vague suppliers finding way into pharmacies. If this will be let to happen, then it is going to be very dangerous on the users, so better health care review will give more information.

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