Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Low Calorie Snacks

Tips 1 : Bran Muffin is one of the low calorie foods that is available in all coffee shop, and its one of the good health tips

Tips 2 : Nut butters like Peanut Butter, hazelnut butter, almond butter and cashew butter are good for health and give you good fat that helps to glow your skin as well. It serves as best fitness tips

Tips 3 : Sweet Potato Wedges contains high vitamin content and fibre. It also low in calories.

Tips 4 : Low Fat Hummus and Veggies consist of antioxidants, fiber and protein, it is very delicious too. It is a best low fat snack.

Tips 5 : Fruit salad is the next variety snack, usually fruits contain antioxidants’ and keep your diet fit and packed. Its healthy living tips for people to protect from aging, to protect cell damage etc.

Tips 6 : Boiled Eggs is one of the best snacks which can be stored in fridge.

Tips 7 : Apple with Cheese contains high calcium and fibre content. It usually controls your appetite between your meals.

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