Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nine signs of heart failure

The beginning sign of someone who suffers heart failure is usually being unable to catch your breath while you are sleeping together with a feeling of fullness in your chest. The second sign is the heaviness in your chest will also cause pain. The third sign is that your body retains water, and starts to swell most noticeably in your ankles. Your clothes will feel tight, and taking off or putting on shoes will be difficult. The forth sign is a rapidly beating heart similar to how it would feel if you were having a heart attack. The fifth sign is not feeling hungry, and when you do eat you, eat very little. You might also feel as though you want to throw up. It is also possible that you will be constipated. The sixth sign is nervousness, feeling anxious, sweaty palms, and random thoughts. The seventh sign is a cough caused by irritation in the lungs. The eight sign is lightheadedness the feeling that you might faint. This is often felt when getting up quickly from a sitting position. The ninth sign is feeling exhausted after the slightest exertion.

What you can do to reduce your risk

Prevention is the key word in preventing heart failure. A quick health tip is to take a look at your diet and get rid of the fatty foods, and the foods that are high in cholesterol. Another quick health tips my dietician gave me was to not eat anything that was white. Such as white bread, pasta, milk, eggs, and cheese. Another quick health tips is to try and lower your cholesterol. Talk to your doctor about this as they can do a simple blood test to see how you are doing, and if necessary prescribe a drug to help reduce it.
The best health tips I can give you is that if you smoke quit. This alone can add years to your life. The next best health tip is if you drink, is to drink in moderation. Heavy drinking can cause your heart to get bigger, which means it has to work harder to send the blood around your body.

A natural health tips is to take a look at the Mediterranean diet. We all know that the people in Southern Europe live longer than their counterparts in the North. This is due primarily to diet. They eat fish, fruit, nuts, salads, olive oil, and hardly any red meat. My second natural health tip is if you only do one thing eat plenty of nuts, sardines, and tuna, these three things contain large amounts of selenium which is very good for heart health.

Another free health tips for you is to get plenty of exercise, as this can help lower your cholesterol. You don’t need to hit the gym just go out for a walk every day. 

My last free health tips is monitoring your blood pressure. You can buy a machine for a few dollars at the pharmacy and check your blood pressure at home ideally you want to keep it below 140/90. Heart disease affects 20 million Americans, and is one of the leading causes of death in America. Watch this short video to learn more. 

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