Thursday, October 6, 2011


Think about it! Without AIDS would anyone need any aid? Of course not but
since that’s still far from being reality, we’ll keep on living and hoping that something good may turn up some day but meanwhile we can find more health tips that will keep on making us stronger each day as more and more disease pop up daily. What are some of the remarkable achievements that have been made regarding this disease? Well, our efforts, there’s still no cure for AIDS but on the bright side, the drugs that are out there at least make AIDS victims live a bit longer.

The endless journey

Since the early 80’s when news about AIDS had just started spreading, scientists have been looking for ways of getting rid of the disease but to no avail. Yes, there have been achievements along the way but they still aren’t enough to make most of us happy. The first thing that you as a person living without AIDS should do is to ensure that you are equipped with most of the sexual health tips. Currently, most AIDS victims are depending on a certain type of drug called an anti-retroviral. It doesn’t lessen the number of viruses in your body and it certainly does not make more white blood cells. It basically blocks genetic replication so that the AIDS viruses don’t keep on multiplying at a fast rate. Besides slowing down genetic replication, an anti-retroviral is also responsible for inhibiting two enzymes which are important during the formation of new viruses. These are: protease and reverse trascriptase enzymes. Without these enzymes, it becomes difficult for the AIDS virus to replicate itself but we must not forget that this virus keeps on changing in shape and thus defeating it will need more skill. Good health tips and a regular intake of these drugs will boost your health but that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t see all effects of the disease.

What is being done?

Yes, an anti-retroviral is already something that can help AIDS victims but we surely can’t stay glued in this spot forever! A lot of research is being done and something interesting was found about the AIDS virus. The inner core of the virus (nucleocapsid) is usually held together by structures known as zinc fingers and there are certain drugs which have the capability of breaking up these structures. This made the drug effective because breaking up this structure would mean that the  AIDS  viruses would be no more but closer studies revealed that there are other structures in the body that utilize zinc. A different drug was thus required because it was difficult for scientists to make the drug differentiate the zinc found in nucleocapsids from zinc found in other structures in our bodies. Since we are still stuck with an anti-retroviral, you should always be sure to keep fit every time because your body’s immunity is at stake. This would be the perfect time to start looking for health fitness tips especially if you have the disease.

Fate finally speaks

One thing is clear from all this. There is still no cure for aids and thus your only hope will be to keep on depending on health fitness tips so that the disease can’t get the better of you. A sad thing for most of us is that people still have no sexual health tips and completely no information about the disease. For now, everything that we do in order to make sure that less people suffer from AIDS would be to help in spreading the message that AIDS is real and it has no cure.

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