Saturday, October 29, 2011

Facts Whether Acai Berries Are Asuper Food Or Just A Hype

Very amazing marketing has gone around the globe in the recent times on the product, acai berry fruit concerning its outstanding characteristics and its ability to enhance weight loss. This has prompted many to ask the question of this nature acai berries: super food or hype? The products have been widely mentioned to be rich in antioxidants by the media and other advertising agencies. Their health tips online benefits have also been widely exaggerated by such firms. These notions have made many people to run after this product without asking themselves the question acai berries: super food or hype? There has been a great urge among the nutritionists that the food be tested in the laboratory so as to confirm whether it posses these extreme potentials to combat excess weight in humans. These experts have seen it wise that there is need to give accurate facts about the product so that those using it may not be carried away by qualities that never exist.

The acai in certain quarters is considered to be of a blueberry size and used mostly for weight loss tips for fatty human body. It is said to be very rich product in antioxidants. It actually contains much more than the red grapes. These are facts that may prompt us once more to ask ourselves the question acai berries: super food or hype? In fact the Brazilian acai berries are believed to posses very good qualities as per the literature and the information available. It is also reported that they rich in other ingredients such as proteins and amino acids. Iron & potassium are also believed to be part of them along side dietary fibres. The berries are said to have several associated benefits such as increase in energy whenever they used, an improvement in eyesight among others. These still poses the question acai berries: super food or hype?

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