Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pinkeye: What you need to know

Just a reminder to all of us who know nothing about pinkeye: not all people
who have pink eyes have the pinkeye condition but when it comes to determining whether or not someone is suffering from pinkeye, it becomes a bit challenging. It doesn’t mean that someone who has pinkeye never paid attention to some of the health tips out there. We are going to look at who is more susceptible to pinkeye, some of the symptoms and what is advisable to do if one has this condition.

What causes it?

No, pinkeye isn’t gotten when someone takes a punch in the eye. It’s something quite different from being beaten up. Pinkeye or conjunctivitis is usually an inflammation of a person’s conjunctiva. This is the clear membrane which covers the white part of your eye as well as the inner surface of your eyelids. It is easy for someone who has been keen on kids health tips to dodge this condition because it is normally caused by many of the viruses and bacteria that are behind illnesses such as colds, sore throats, sinus infections and ear infections. Even though a kid can get pinkeye because of these infections, one can also get pinkeye naturally especially the kids. Health fitness tips have a very small chance of making your kid less susceptible to pinkeye because there are other bacteria such as the bacteria that cause STDs such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea which can also make a kid have pinkeye. Allergies too can trigger pinkeye and this doesn’t only happen to kids who are about 2-7 years because even newborns can have it and in their case, it is a serious health problem.

Symptoms and effects

Depending on the type of pinkeye, the symptoms will also differ but there are some common symptoms which can tell you whether one has the condition or not. The most common indication is when a child complains about discomfort in the eyes. Some usually explain it further and say that it feels like there is sand in their eyes. The eyes also become red especially on the inner eyelid and that is why conjunctivitis is also known as pinkeye. Well, this condition too can be found in kids health tips so there’s nothing to worry about if you are always concerned about your kid’s health. The discharge from the eyes causes them to temporarily stick together when the kid awakens. Pinkeye is contagious and so you should be ready with all the health tips that concern contagious diseases. Kids with the condition are advised to temporarily take a break from their activities such as going to school.


Pinkeye can be prevented but that will require quite a lot from you especially now that you are dealing with kids. The first thing you should ensure is that you teach your kids to get used to washing their hands with warm soap and some warm water. Things such as eye drops and towels should never be shared and you too should ensure that you wash your hands after touching your child’s eyes so that you can’t infect another child. Make sure that you separate the infected child’s clothes from the rest when washing clothes to avoid contamination. If the child is allergic to pollen, make sure that you close the windows during windy days and you can also make sure that you vacuum the house more frequently. Well, there are lots of things that are waiting for you ahead and having lots of health fitness tips will certainly help you when dealing with your own kids.

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