Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Breast milk more brain power?

Is it really true that kids who were fed on breast milk turn out to be more
intelligent than those who were never fed on breast milk? One thing is for sure. Breast milk has many advantages than disadvantages and during the early months of childhood, breast milk is essential for babies. The breast feeding tips are useful but in this case, what we are looking at is whether it is actually possible that kids who were fed on breast milk turn out to be smarter than others who weren’t.

Can it happen?

Well, there’s still no sure answer about this and scientists don’t know the best way of explaining it. Only theories are available at the moment. Studies were done on both kids who weren’t fed on breast milk and on kids who were breast fed and as the results turned out, most of the kids who were fed on breast milk did better in the tests than those who weren’t fed on breast milk. This isn’t surprising because some of the health tips which concern kids suggest that children should be fed on breast milk especially after they’ve just been born. Health tips also have their own advantages concerning normal milk and if scientists say that breast milk is more nutritious than the normal milk then that means breast milk is really important.

Some theories behind this

As untrue as that sounds to some of us, scientists did come up with theories that try to explain why and how this happens. The first theory explains that in breast milk, there are some essential fatty acids which are very good for cell development. Of course that makes sense! If the breast milk aids the development of cells then that means brain development will also be boosted because there are lots of brain cells which get replaced every day. You may have read infant health tips that talk about brain cells and what you can do to boost the process of cell development. The same thing happens here too and with babies, the rate is even faster. Baby health tips will also say the same thing about brain development in children. The second theory that tries to explain why most of the kids who fed on breast milk are smarter suggests that there may be some differences in hormones and also differences in growth factors which are missing in the milk that we buy for kids. Here again, infant health tips say that breast milk is essential because no matter how hard we try to make “artificial breast milk”, it will never turn out to be like the actual breast milk. The third theory is more of a social thing than a scientific theory. Maybe kids who were breastfed were cuddled more and that’s why their cognitive are high.


Even though the tests showed that kids who were fed on breast milk were smarter, the researchers didn’t take important data about the kids’ mothers. Things such as the mothers’ IQs and the mothers’ ages were not taken, leaving the possibility that the kids who were breastfed came from younger mothers who had higher IQ scores. Well, the one thing that we can get from all this is that the baby health tips which shed light on the importance of breastfeeding were more than right. Yes, our scientists may have done a lot of extraordinary things in all fields of technology. I-pads and smart phones are just a few of them but not even one scientist could make an earthworm, let alone understand how it fully functions. Well, now you can agree that nature always has its way.

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