Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Future of HIV Therapy

Over the years since HIV was first isolated, much progress has been made in
the treatment of this disease.  In the late 60s and 70s, contracting HIV meant getting AIDS and dying.  But as time has gone on, researchers have discovered more and better treatments, and now this disease is not an immediate death sentence.  While there is still no cure, there are many Health Fitness Tips for HIV treatments that can allow the patient to live productive lives for many years.

Research continues in every corner of the world.  Scientists, physicians and pharmaceutical companies are all spending millions of dollars every year searching for better treatments and even for a cure.  Advancement are being made constantly but not fake HIV cure advancements.

Some show real promise.  One German surgeon has a patient that he did a bone marrow transplant on two years ago.  This patient had both cancer and HIV.  The surgeon did a bone marrow transplant with bone marrow from a person who was HIV-resistant.  The patient has shown no signs of having any HIV cells in his body since the surgery and is not on any antivirals.  While this procedure has not been replicated successfully, it does give some hope.  The problem currently is that bone marrow transplants are extremely expensive and do not always work.  More testing needs to be done.

There are advances being made in the areas of drug treatments as well.  There are clinical trials being conducted for a medication that seems to be able to block the HIV virus from entering cells.  This would be a tremendous breakthrough if it proves successful.  If the cells could protect themselves from ever being taken over by HIV in the first place, the disease could not advance. Other clinical trials are being conducted on drugs that would keep the HIV virus from being able to replicate itself once it has invaded the cells.  Again, this would stem the advance of the disease in a patient who has HIV.

Another treatment that is showing real promise is in the area of stem cells.  Stem cells have been shown to eradicate a variety of illnesses, and studies are being conducted now on the possibility of using stem cells to treat and possibly cure HIV.

One potential treatment now in laboratory testing is TIP or therapeutic interfering particles.  These genetic codes are made from HIV cells and they sort of ‘piggyback’ themselves to the HIV cell and make it ineffective in spreading.

Possible advances can come from strange places.  In Louisiana, researchers have been working with active proteins taken from the blood of alligators as a possible treatment or even cure for HIV.  Over thousands of years, alligators have developed powerful immune systems from having to heal wounds in dirty environments.  The proteins in their white blood cells may just be effective Health tips  in fighting off HIV.

One of the most hopeful possibilities lies in the science of gene therapy.  Great advances have been made in the area of genetic engineering.  It may be possible someday to create a gene that will fight off HIV or even cure it.

While work continues worldwide daily on new treatments and even a possible cure for HIV and AIDS, it is unfortunately not a reality yet.  However, it is important to remember that new breakthroughs are being made all the time, and one never knows when or where that all-important one will mean a cure.  It is never time to lose hope.

In the mean time, the best that can be done is to get into treatment from a qualified physician, take the anti-viral drugs and therapies that are currently available and to take good care of yourself.  Follow all the sexual health tips for AIDS that you can, the general health tips and the fitness health tips that are given by your physician and by reputable sources.  Never give up hope but use good sense and take care of yourself today.

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