Friday, September 2, 2011

Avoiding Fake HIV Cures

They may sound good, but they can kill .  It is a sad fact that there is no cure for HIV.

New antiviral drugs can give the patient many productive years, but there is no cure as of yet.  It is horrid, but many people prey on the fear and hopelessness that the HIV positive person feels for the sole purpose of making money.  They claim to have a cure and that for the right amount of money they will work their magic and completely remove all traces of HIV.  This is not reality, it is simply quackery!

As much as the HIV patient wants to believe in these cures, they simply do not work.  There is a lot of danger in falling for one of these fake cures!  Not only do they take your money, they keep you from getting proper medical treatment and this can make things much worse.  It allows the disease to advance.  Even worse, some of these supposed cures actually can kill a person!

Of course, the best thing is to follow all the sexual health tips that are out there and to never contract HIV in the first place.  But when a person has contracted the illness, the only thing they need is a real physician with real medications.  Unfortunately, they feel desperate and afraid and this can lead them to seek out some of these ‘cures’.  

The only health tips for HIV patients should follow are the ones that come from the traditional medical community.  No matter how good it sounds, there is no cure and the patient should not get sucked in by false claims.  Go to an MD or an AIDS clinic for help, not to the shaman, witch doctor or the ones who claim that the medical community is simply trying to ‘keep them down.’  Ask yourself:  if there was a cure for HIV, wouldn’t it be embraced by the medical community?  Wouldn’t everyone with HIV be using it?

Some of (but not all) the fake cures that are around include:
Ozone therapy that involves taking out some blood, exposing it to ozone and then returning it to the patient’s body.  This one has been around for years and doesn’t do anything.
·         Devices that claim to cure HIV through the use of magnets or electricity.
·    ‘Natural’ or ‘herbal’ immune stimulants.  They don’t work, and just because something is called natural or herbal doesn’t make it safe!

Let’s think of this logically.  It is the goal of every large and small pharmaceutical company in the world to find a cure for HIV.  There are millions of people worldwide who have this disease.  Finding a HIV cure would make any company richer than is even imaginable!  Real and serious work is being every day to find a real cure.  There is no conspiracy to hide a cure.

New and promising antiviral medications are being developed constantly.  Today, a person with HIV can live for many years, many healthy years.  Just a few years ago, this seemed impossible.  As advances are made, things will continue to get better.  What every person who had HIV needs to do is to stay under the care of a reputable physician for the best chance to live for a long time.  

Only follow sexual health tips or health tips in general from reputable sources.  If you see an advertisement or a web site offering a cure for HIV, run the other way.  Falling for one of these fake cures can shorten your life, or even kill you outright.  But the danger is that by the time you realize the supposed cure is not working, you may have lost valuable time when you could have been taking the real antiviral medications that you can get under a doctor’s care.
So, be smart.  Don’t play with your life.

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