Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pilates Abdominal Exercises to Strengthen Abdominal Muscles

Pilates exercise is a much preferred choice of many people today.
The main target of Pilates exercise is the abdominal area, especially on the upper abdominal muscles and lower abdomen. For the beginner there are several training techniques, designed to focus on abdominal exercises. You can lose belly fat doing the exercise properly and regularly.

Posture Affect Abdominal Shape

Pilates combines art fitness and passing like yoga. The Pilates movements also are used to certain movements. Beside that Pilates has breathing techniques that have not used the abdomen or chest, but the diaphragm. Exercise that helps you stretch and lengthen muscles, making the body strong and toned muscles without forming volume. Pilates exercises to direct the focus in training the body and is slowly phased increase body coordination, awareness, body flexibility and overall body alignment.

Part of our body's most difficult to repair is the stomach. Even if in a standing position your belly looks sleek, but once seated, there appeared a sagging stomach. When you have lost weight, the abdomen is often still visible bulge. If you do abdominal exercises have also shown positive results, you may have made some mistakes while doing it. Here are some of the movements of The Pilates abdominal exercises:

·         The Hundred Exercise 

Starting this technique lay down, back against the floor or mat. The position of the feet and hands straightened. Lift both legs together and your arms are the same as far as 6 inches. The position of the chin and the head facing up and the blades remained attached to the floor. Then, do the movement up and down on the arm with a quick five-count cadence while exhaling. Return to starting position while taking a breath. Repeat the combination of pulling and exhaling is 10 times the count, to do it 100 times. This is why the Pilates exercise technique is called a hundred.

·         Crisscrossers Exercise
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Lie down with your back flat on the floor or mat. Raise your head, pulling your knees close to chest. Place your hands behind your head. Inhale and slowly turn your body to the left until your right elbow touches your left knee while straightening your right leg. Hold this pose for a count of five while exhaling. Inhale as you return to starting position.

·         The Teaser Exercise

Lie with your back flat on the floor or mat. Position legs straightened out and your hands at your sides. Move hands above your head while lifting your legs straight up. Take a deep breath and try to lift the body up to sitting upright position, the position of the foot remains elevated. Exhale, then down to starting position slowly.

The Pilates movements to train many muscles of the abdomen, lower back, around the hips and buttocks called core muscle. The muscles are trained not only the outer muscle, but also muscles in the deep muscle. Make sure you do health fitness tips workouts on Pilates abdominal exercises movements are properly targeting your abdominal muscles.

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