Friday, May 6, 2011

A different Approach to attain 6 Pac Abs - Part 1

So let me guess, you took a look at your calendar and realized its already spring, this caused you to immediately run to the nearest gym, sign up, set up a free consultation with
a personal trainer and maybe even get that yearly membership because you’re feeling extra “dedicated” today. I imagined you almost killed yourself running to death on that treadmill or nearly pulled all your muscles trying to impress your trainer with those weights only to have nothing to show for it but an immobile and painfully sore body along with a hefty doctor’s bill. Is that about right? Well I can tell you this much, your mental process isn’t misplaced at all, you just need to be putting all this drive and energy in the right things to garner your success in that ever elusive six pack goal. I can tell you that it’s not all bad news. If you just make a few changes and stay consistent you will have that swimsuit body of your dreams. Best part about it is the sense of accomplishment will by far be the greatest feeling as not many have the drive and motivation needed to see something through to the end.

First off we need to examine your diet, this is the most important step in any weight loss mechanism or health fitness tips for muscle building goal because the quantity and quality of food you place in your body are directly related to how your body will develop and function. So if you’re putting quality foods in you’ll see quality results much more quickly and even more exciting is it’s very possible to lose weight without ever working out. Shocking right? But I promise you it’s the truth; it’s all a matter of eating fewer calories than your body naturally uses up in 1 day. Everyday you do basic things like sleep, eat, walk, talk and even blink what’s surprising is all these things burn calories. If you workout, you’re burning even more calories so by simply eating fewer calories than you naturally use up in a day your body will automatically shed the extra causing you to lose weight.

The types of foods you eat and deciding which are better will allow you to set a clear balanced diet and with websites like getting nutritional information has never been more accessible. It sports a friendly online community where you can access nutrition data, sort them by grade (A+ is best nutritional value F is the worst) and even connect with others who are trying to be healthier just like you. It will even track weight loss progress and give recommendations all from your free user profile.

So rather than give you a long complicated list of what you should and shouldn’t be eating I feel simple tips will place you on the right track. I call this the best rule of thumbs you can ever have “Diet Edition”,

1. Natural colors are always the best choice.  Bread would be the perfect example of this, wheat’s and grains are naturally golden or brown in color so it would only make sense bread should be the same. Most food items that have been altered from their natural colors more often then not have additives or very little nutritional value. be continued. See next post

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