Saturday, April 2, 2011

HGH – The Real Inspiration Behind Athletes

Health Fitness Tips for Body building – the term itself delivers us the meaning and this is one of the very familiar terms we make use in our everyday life. There is a misconception that, bodybuilding is there, just to make our body fit. But in reality, it contributes to the fitness of our body as well as the mind. Here it is good to mention one proverb “a sound mind in a sound body is a thing to be prayed for”. Making our body fit is an essential thing. It is said that, the term “body building” became familiar in the early 19th century. Eugene Sandow is known as the father of modern body building.

Nowadays, a variety body building supplements are available at several body building stores. These supplements are mainly used to stimulate quicker and enhanced muscle building and faster and effective fat burning too. Some of the listing of the most common body building supplements available in every body building stores are: fat burners, fat melting or burning pills, legal anabolic, certain amino acids, various diet pills, andro, creatine etc

Almost all the professional body builders are using some steroids and they use it in cycles of regular intervals. Steroids are nothing but the synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone. These steroid cycles are mainly used to speed up the growth of muscles. Steroid cycles consists of consuming numerous doses of steroids for a particular period of time or just stopping for some period or again starting then. The term pyramiding is used to refer a different type of cycle. The important thing is that, the continuity of the steroid cycle mainly depends on the drug users.

Human growth hormone (HGH) is widely used to enhance athletic performance. The reason behind the use of HGH in sports world is because of its effectiveness in the case of recovery. The muscle injuries and other occurs during sports training can be overcome by using HGH supplements. In case of any injuries, intake of HGH supplement can help to heal it a much faster manner. This growth hormone also helps to heal tissue injuries Athletes mainly uses HGH along with some simple steroid can make it more effective. In this case, the effect of both the HGH and the Steroids will increase to the core. Even if HGH contribute to the increase the muscle mass, boost up of energy levels, and reduce body fat etc,   we should be very much careful about the dosage of HGH and other steroids. Because overdose of HGH has got many side effects.

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