Sunday, April 10, 2011

Effects of HGH on men - Advantages & disadvantages

HGH is the abbreviated form the human growth hormone. This is an essential hormone which is produced naturally from the pituitary gland. As the name suggests, this is needed for the proper growth process. It is also essential for the different functions of body like
immunity, metabolism, increasing skin elasticity, muscle toning etc. In reality, many of us are still confused about the uses of HGH hormone. A particular section of the population believes that, this helps in health tips on muscle formation and some other section believes that it can be used as a reverse aging agent. HGH human growth hormone has got many more uses like, maintaining the blood sugar level, decreasing the cholesterol level, helps in the better functions of brain etc. The level of HGH in our body is high in a young person. But as, age increases the HGH content starts diminishing.

As age increases, it will be difficult for us to maintain our body fit. Here comes the need of HGH Supplements. As HGH Hormone can very well help in fat burning, increase the muscle mass,  A large number of professional body builders are using HGH supplements .It will help them to lose their weight and to burn their fat in no time. The increased amount of HGH secretions in our body may result in the higher degree of alertness and activeness. And it is important to understand one thing that, when we start to intake HGH supplements, it is necessary to do exercise along with it. Both the sex can intake this supplement for their body building purpose.

As we all think, HGH supplement does not contain the real HGH hormone instead it makes our body to produce large amount of HGH. HGH supplements are usually available in different forms like HGH injections, sprays, pills etc. This supplement is a mixture of amino acids like ornithine, lysine, histidine, arginine and glutamine. The main specialty of this HGH supplements in men is, it helps people to regain lost energies, to burn excessive amount of fat, to get a tight sleep and stimulate their mental and sexual activity. It also helps us to maintain our body healthy and even to heal injuries also.

In addition to the advantages, there are many disadvantages for HGH intake in men. Making use of HGH Supplement without a doctor’s prescription is a dangerous thing. It may result in a variety of problems like joint problems, Diabetics, Cardio vascular problems, and even cancer.

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