Sunday, April 3, 2011

Calcium fat - binding weight loss mechanism

Having the desired weight is essential for your self esteem and very important for your health. A lot of research has been done recently to establish the most effective health fitness tips mechanism of weight loss.
The Calcium weight loss mechanism has received a lot of clinical support.

Epidemiological studies done in the recent years have showed that calcium intake and body weight have an inverse relationship. Reports have been conclusive that a high intake of calcium in ones diet will result into greater weight and lose of fat. Extensive research has been done on the matter but so far apart from the observational findings, little has been found to clearly explain the mechanism with evidence. Danish researchers were the first to produce clinical evidence in support of the mechanism that indeed dairy produce can help in weight lose.

The calcium weight loss mechanism is very straightforward. Calcium reduces body weight by binding together fat in the intestines and increasing the rate of its expulsion from the body via excretion. A study done showed that fat excreted in human waste increased 2 5-fold in people with higher calcium intake compared to those with little calcium diets. This was published in the March issue of the International Journal of Obesity.

A short term increase in dietary rich in calcium can in tern increase the excretion of fat by approximately 350kj every day. Arne Astrup a Professor at the Royal Veterinary and Agriculture University in Denmark concluded that the solid findings seen across all of the subjects agree with the validity of the calcium weight loss mechanism.

The intake of high levels of calcium has no effect on 24 hour energy excretion or fat oxidation. The process has to be repeated over and over again to achieve the desired results. The calcium fat binding weight loss mechanism has no effects on blood cholesterol, insulin, leptin, free fatty acids or thyroid hormones. It is hence a very safe and effortless way to lose weight.

The end conclusion and explanation for the effect of weight of the calcium fat binding weight loss mechanism is that Calcium increases fat expulsion from the body system. The interaction between calcium and fatty acids results to the formation of insoluble calcium fatty acids soaps and ultimately in reduction of fat absorption.

To make the research more conclusive a trial was set up. Health tips from Researchers strictly controlled the diets and energy consumption of ten healthy volunteers who were moderately overweight. They were fed with three diets of different calcium and protein percentage that was mainly from low fat dairy products. The diet had low calcium (500mg) and normal protein (adding up to 15 % of energy), the calcium intake was high about 1800mg and normal protein and high calcium and high protein (23%of energy). The findings of the research showed that calcium fat binding mechanism through intake of dairy products can indeed result into weight loss.

This is one of the methods of weight loss that takes effect effortlessly. No side effects have been noted so far as the process involves basically natural product with high levels of calcium.

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