Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crohn’s Disease AND Stress Management

The relationship between stress and Crohn’s disease is yet to be proved. Many schools of
thought are of the view that stress has no effect on the disease either by increasing it or making it worse. However people who suffer this ailment choose to disagree with this assertion. Like any other terminal ailment, stress goes a long way to make the situation worse. The effects of stress can be felt emotionally and physically as stress is a catalyst for a number of health problems.

Without medical backup, it is however a general believe that stress has a role in flaring up the disease. This is because the symptoms of this disease like diarrhea, constipation, stomach pains can also cause stress for a person. It is therefore impossible not to find the link between the two.

It is indeed a thing of mystery that some Crohn’s sufferers have managed their symptoms by simple stress management. Best health advice  for  an infected person includes;
a.       Try to determine the cause of the stress. By doing so one can easily determine if it is because of a Crohn’s symptom. This will help the person manage the stress better just by identifying the source.

b.      Take time to relax. Relaxation involves everything. From the brain to the bones to the muscles and organs and finally the mind. The individual should as much as possible to think of nothing.

c.       Get as much sleep as possible at night. Going to bed early gives a person the opportunity to get enough sleep before the crack of dawn.

d.      Proper exercise will also help combat stress.

e.       Finally good healthy diet will help in stress management

In conclusion, there may not be a medical explanation to the relationship between stress and the Crohn’s disease but by managing your stress properly you can easily manage the Crohn’s disease.

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