Monday, December 20, 2010

The Unsolved Mystery : Causes Of CRONH’S DISEASE

The definite cause of the Crohn ‘s disease is yet to be found out but scientists have come
to the conclusion that the general cause of the diseases is as a result of four basic factors.
a.       Environmental factors

b.      Genetic factors
c.       Immune system
d.      Actions of micro organisms.

Environmental factors for the highly developed and industrialized world, is mainly the diet habit of such places. It has therefore been observed that this disease is common with people who have high intake of animal, fatty acids and milk proteins. However there was no relationship between these diseases and high consumption of vegetable and fish protein.

For the genetic factors it has long been observed that Crohn’s disease can be transferred genetically from parents to their children. Therefore people whose siblings have Crohn ‘s disease stand a higher chance of developing it than the rest of the society. This class of persons should follow the best health advice and practice healthy eating habits.

The immune system of a person largely determines the fate of such person in the face of the disease. Abnormalities in a person’s immune system have been seen as the cause of Crohn ‘s disease. The immune system is made for the fighting for the body against invading diseases. The process of auto immune is an abnormality. In this case the immune system instead of fighting for, attacks the body system and thereby causing an inflammation.

Finally the work of microbes in the body is a major factor. It was initially believed that is was caused by some group of pathogens. Today scientists have come to the conclusion that some micro organisms take advantage of their host’s weakened cells and clear bacteria from the intestine. Without these bacteria there to do their duty, the result is an inflammation. However the connection between some certain bacteria and the disease remains a thing of obscurity to scientists.

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