Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Possible Complications Associated With Crohn's disease

There is no terminal disease without complications and the Crohn disease is not an exception.
Infected persons and carriers of the Crohn disease face a lot of risks and complications that if not properly handled can result other terminal disease thereby decreasing the chance of survival. The complications range from mechanical to resultant factors like cancers, tumors, obstructions and abscesses.

Mechanically, the infected person is liable to complications inside the intestine like fistulae and obstruction. Obstruction occurs when the lumen of the intestine is narrowed due to the inflammation of other parts of the intestine. This obviously blocks the free passage of the contents of the intestine and it is advisable for people in this class to seek the best health advice.

Fistulae are a case of abnormal opening between two organs. An infected person can develop this disease as a complication. It may be between the bowel and the bladder, the bowel and the skin, the bowel and the vagina and finally between two bowels. Abscesses are a collection of pus in a cavity due to inflammation and in most cases caused by bacteria. This can occur in the abdominal region or the perianal areas of the infected persons.

The risk of cancer is a complication that cannot be overlooked in Crohn carriers. These cancers usually develop in the areas of inflammation most especially. It is therefore a common occurrence for people with small bowel Crohn to have or develop small intestinal cancers. In the same vein those with Crohn colitis to develop cancer of the colon. Infected persons are hereby advised to get involved in chemo protection especially when diagnosed with colon Crohn to prevent the cancer from developing.

Other complications include hemorrhaging and malnutrition. Malnutrition could be as a result of reduction in food intake or mal absorption which is the inability of the small intestine to absorb food nutrients from food substances. 

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