Friday, December 10, 2010

Healthy Eating

In today’s society, people are not eating healthy anymore. Attracted by delicious smells and
aromas coming from countless fast foods and restaurants, they ingest large quantities of sugar, salt or fat which deteriorate the immune defense system and the health of the organism.

To get back on track and improve your health, you need to change your eating habits according to your gender, age, and body type and body size. Calculate the number of calories that you need to maintain a proper weight and how many nutrients you need to be in a good shape. If you’re eating too many calories on a daily basis, cut down some of them and replace your favorite food with healthy aliments that have less calories.

Also, never skip meals, eat regularly and serve a variety of healthy foods so that the body may extract all the right nutrients that are needed. We know you enjoy eating fried stuff as often as you can, but all that roasted chicken or French fries are bad for your health. Try to eat your favorite meals in their grilled or baked versions to decrease some of that fat and cholesterol that keeps gathering in your system. Healthy cholesterol is regarded to be somewhere below 200.

Substitute red meat with white meat, which is rich in proteins as well, but has less fat and reduces bad cholesterol. Grilled chiken or fish are excellent examples of good, white meat. Who sais the nasty broccolli is the only healthy food? You can still have tasty meals that don’t harm the balance of your organism as well! Fish is also known for containing Omega-3-Fatty Acids that reduce bad cholesterol and help producing good cholesterol levels.

Dessert? Sure, but careful with the artificial sugar from artificial sweets! Natural sugar found in fresh fruits is so much better than the processed sugar found in your favourite brownie. You need to reduce high levels of sugar, and a fruit salad may be the perfect way to assimilate the right amount of sugar.

 Eating proper food will encourage to be Best Health Advice and fuel your organism to fight with diseases and illneses and will strenghten your immune defence system. Not to mention having a well proportioned body and a fit silhouette. Avoid food excesses and having healthy meals are they key for achieveing that.

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