Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Emergency Contraceptives : THE PROS AND CONS

The use of emergency contraception has saved a lot of women from unplanned pregnancies,
but it has bred a generation of people who are not careful about unprotected sexual encounters simply because they can use the emergency pill. For women who have been raped, this emergency pill helps a lot if taken immediately after the rape.

This drug prevents the implantation and fertilization of the egg. The effectiveness of the pill varies, depending on the menstrual cycle of the woman and  the time within which the pill is taken.  If the pill is taken more than 12 hours after the unprotected sexual encounter, the effectiveness reduces drastically. It has a 98% effectiveness, when taken in the first 12 hours.

There has been a misuse of this pill by people because of the hype that was created by the manufacturers. Yes, it is a very effective pill in the prevention of pregnancy depending on the time the pill is taken. It is designed to disrupt the hormonal processes that take place in the woman’s body that lead to a pregnancy. It is not a self medicated pill; one should have a doctor’s prescription and consultation first. This is unlike what happens on the ground as most people self medicate on the pills.

This pill is supposed to come after a doctor’s consultation because there are some people who are not supposed to take them. Heart problems may be worsened if they are taken often. As for those women on long term contraception, this is to be taken when the other means of contraception fail. They may cause the woman to miss the menstrual period she had been expecting and generally disrupt her cycle. Another misconception that users seem to have is that this is no shield against STD’s and more particularly the AIDS virus . This contraception will not prevent the virus from getting into a woman’s body. A first time user can experience nausea and vomiting because of the imbalance of the hormones in her body.

Other means of contraception or Best Health Advice are recommended so that this pill serves its function, that of an emergency contraceptive and nothing else. It has also been said that if it is taken too often and too much, it will not be as effective and one expects them to be. Therefore, a woman will still fall pregnant if she takes them as a regular contraception. One cannot take this contraceptive more than 4 times in a year.

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Emily said...

Thanks for the EC info. You might be interested to know that there is another new form of EC called Ella which is effective for 5 days instead of 3 like any of the other morning after pills on the market.