Friday, December 10, 2010

CORRECT POSTURE - Essential Good Health Tips Online

Are you sitting with a correct posture? Are you experiencing pain along your spinal cord? Correct
posture plays an important role in deciding your health. We all spend about half an hour doing work outs involving all types of exercises ranging from cardiac exercise to running on a trade mill
just for the sake of staying healthy and fit. But, in all this we all forget the correct posture which is an essential component for our well being.

One can go for yoga for improving the posture structure of the body. Our posture is governed by the spinal cord. Yoga helps in strengthening the muscles that support the spine. It also helps in improving the flexibility that enables us to maintain some good posture movements. Looks of our body are also influenced by good posture. Not only this, good posture has many advantages, top 3 are discussed below:

  • Injury risk reduced
Having good posture decreases the risk of getting injured from many times. One if has proper coordination between various parts of body and has a perfect alignment can decrease the risk of getting injured.

  • Confidence level increases manifold
Walking straight and slow embarks a sense of confidence. Feeling good about yourself, increases your mood levels and you feel good.

  • Energy level increased
Correct posture can help you in sitting for a long time in office without getting stressed. Maintaining a correct posture while sitting on computer helps you to complete loads of work which otherwise would have taken long time.

Simple stretching exercise in addition to yoga can help in improving your posture. Small relaxing game like that of badminton or skipping rope can recharge your body in addition to having correct posture. One can even check at home that whether the posture is correct or not.  

Stand in front of full length mirror in which your full length is visible. Make sure that your shoulders are leveled, both in the same line and parallel to ears. Have a check upon your head, it should not be tilted but should be parallel to ground. Ankles should neither be bulged in and nor bulged out for having a correct figure. Lower back should be slightly curved forward and not too flat or curved." 

Following these simple Best Health Advice tips in mind, one can enjoy the pleasure and confidence of correct posture essential for proper healthCare Review

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