Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Risks Of Smoking

Smoking is a destructive behavior. It is a well known fact by non-smokers and smokers alike. But
what are the exact negative effects upon the body? Why does smoking kill? You can exercise as much as you want, take whatever vitamins or eat fruits and vegetables daily. If you are a
smoker, then all of this isn’t much of an improvement for your health. Why?
Because the substances assimilated by the organism during smoking interact with the healthy nutrients that the body receives, this overcomes the benefit brought by consuming healthy food.

Apart from the lung cancer that everyone knows about, there are other negative effects, illnesses and diseases that are better or less known.

Cigarettes contain more than 4000 chemical compounds, out of which at least 10% are toxic, thus dangerous for your health. The heat produced by a lit cigarette causes the tobacco to produce various substances amongst which we can list a substance that causes cancer, called tar, carbon monoxide which reduces the oxygen within the body, nicotine, which is the actual substance that makes people addicted to smoking and also increases bad cholesterol levels within the organism and other components that may cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, also known as COPD.

Smoking-related diseases are the top reasons that explain the death amongst smokers, but the number one illness that is fatal to them is not lung cancer, but heart diseases.

The effects of smoking and best Health Advice depend on the quality of the cigarette, if it has a filter or not, it depends on the number of cigarettes consumed per day and the amount of time that passed since active smokers began this destructive vice.

Besides the organic effects of smoking, there are psychological ones as well. Addiction is the first psychological effect of smoking cigarettes. Anxiety levels also increase amongst active smokers.

Smoking has consequences regarding any part of the body. It damages the structure of the hair, making it easier to break and lifeless, it can causes brain stroke, cataracts and other eye illnesses, it alters the sense of smell, affects the thyroid gland and the pre-existing illnesses concerning that area, it causes premature aging and affects the beauty of the skin, it also affects teeth and mouth causing bad breath, discoloration and stains of the teeth, gingivitis, cancer of the lips, gums, throat, larynx and esophagus, it reduces the sense of taste. It affects blood circulation, can cause leukemia, it affects male and female reproduction, osteoporosis, cancer to vital organs such as lungs, liver, stomach, pancreas, colon, etc. Smoking endangers the activity of the lungs and affects the respiration process, causes colds and flues, pneumonia, asthma, complicates existing illnesses and many more damages to the body and organism. Smoking can affect women during pregnancy and holds extreme effects once the baby is born.

The effects of smoking are truly severe and are, in many cases, fatal. Seek help to quit smoking before exhibiting the dangers of smoking on your own skin. 


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