Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Restlessness: A Major cause of cocaine addiction

Boredom, curiosity, and restlessness are a major cause of cocaine addiction. Many people, especially teens and young adults, are driven to experimenting with cocaine and other drugs because of a sense of restlessness. This can be very dangerous and leads to addiction
which results in serious personal and health problems, even very often death. If you or one of your loved one’s is struggling with drug addiction, a drug rehabilitation center or other drug treatment program can help regain control over the addiction.

Cocaine is created from the crystalline tropane alkaloid found on the leaves of the coca plant. Cocaine is most often snorted, although it can be ingested orally, smoked, or injected. Depending on how the drug is administered the affects can last as little as fifteen minutes and rarely an hour or more. This leads to people using a large amount of cocaine within the period of a day. When on cocaine, a person feels euphoric, as if they are powerful and extra alert. They feel as though everything is alright and they can do anything. This affect comes from stimulating the nervous system. Because of this enjoyable experience and the loss of sensation that often occurs when they no longer use the substance, many users will not be easily influenced to seek drug rehab or treatment. However, friends and family members should continue to try to get their friend or family member who is addicted to cocaine to go to a drug rehab center. This is a very important step in the path the recovery and one of the best ways to prevent future drug use and drug related health issues.

Prolonged use of cocaine can lead to many medical problems in both serious and minor levels. The effects on the brain are notable. As the brain tries to equalize the very high extremes reached while on cocaine, people often suffer depression and a feeling of numbness or a loss of alertness when not high. This leads to an increased appetite for the substance and in turn to even more issues with personal health. There are other effects felt by cocaine users. These include aches and pains, increased restlessness or insomnia, and increased appetite. In order to prevent the increase in these symptoms, a person suffering from cocaine addiction should immediately seek drug treatment.
Another issue faced by drug users is the illegality of possession and consumption of drugs. Cocaine is illegal in many countries and can result in prison time for users. Being caught in possession of cocaine can lead to a record that will haunt the user for the rest of their lives, even if they are able to break the habit.

Drug and alcohol rehab programs can be very beneficial for drug users and addicts. Most people are unprepared and ill-equipped to help a loved on break an addiction. There are many physical and psychological issues that require the help of an expert. If you have a friend or family member with an addiction to cocaine, do not expect or attempt to help them alone, you should try to get them into a drug rehab center as soon as possible. If you require help, there are many places you can go for best health advice and assistance in getting through to them.

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