Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eight Signs of Drug Addiction

Recognizing and identifying drug addiction can be very difficult, especially in teens. The first step to recognizing drug addiction is to understand what it is. Drug addiction is a disorder in which individuals continuously use large quantities of drugs and are dependent
upon this usage. Prolonged use of drugs can result is many health problems, including
a possibility of death. Drug users can also become removed from friends and family and be unable to keep a career or gain an income. Furthermore, drug users are at risk of arrest and incarceration. 

Early recognition of drug abuse and subsequent admission to a drug rehab facility can make the different between regaining the lost control on life and losing a life. In order to help people identify drug addiction in friends, family, or themselves, here is a list of good health tips on eight signs of drug addiction:

1.       Increased quantity of drugs used due to an increased tolerance to the drug – When a person begins to be addicted to drugs, they will often begin consuming much larger quantities of the drug. This is because the brain begins to build up an increased tolerance for the substances and therefore do not give the same intensity. This can be very dangerous because it increases the risk of overdose.

2.       No longer caring about responsibilities or previous interests – As a person becomes addicted to a drug, they will begin to pay less attention to their responsibilities and things that had interested them in the past. They may lose their job or fail out of school. They may also begin to have financial troubles as they do not pay their bills and are not earning any income.

3.       Increase in legal problems – Drug addicts can be arrested for possession and other drug related offenses. They can also be arrested for acts that they perform in order to obtain drugs such as robbery or other offenses.

4.       Begin experiencing withdrawal symptoms – Drug users will eventually begin to experience withdrawal and will try to prevent experiencing these symptoms by consuming more drugs. As the come down from the high given to them by drugs, they will feel sick, depressed, fatigued, or have the sweats. This is a major sign of drug addiction and also starts to make recovery from drugs more difficult. Drug rehab centers are able to help curb the effects of withdrawal and help people get through the detox process.

5.       Entering dangerous situations in order to get drugs – Addicts will often do things in order to obtain drugs that they would not otherwise do. This can include performing illegal activities, sex acts, sharing needles, and other dangerous behaviors. When addicts begin to act in impulsive, risky behaviors they add a new degree of danger to their addiction. Often the psychological impacts of these acts can be difficult for recovering addicts to deal with and professionals at a drug rehab facility can help them come to terms with them.

6.       Losing personal relationships – As drug addicts begin to surround themselves more and more with people who are also addicts, they begin to lose relationships with their friends and family.

7.       Losing control over drug use – Many addicts continue to use drugs even after they begin to see the negative impact they are having on their lives. This is because their thirst for the drugs has surpassed their desire for their own well being. These users need more support in quitting their habit than can often be offered by family members. In this case, a drug rehab facility can be an immense help.

8.       Shaping their entire life around the drugs and getting high – Once drugs begin to take over a person’s life and becomes the driving force behind it, the drug addiction has grown out of control. Many addicts spend their entire day searching from drugs and getting high. This is a major sign of addiction.