Saturday, November 6, 2010

Choosing Bottles for your Baby

Many new mothers make the mistake of thinking that choosing a baby bottle is not an important decision, but they are dead wrong. Which bottle you buy for your baby will effect the health and well being of your baby, as well as their comfort and ease of
drinking. Playtex bottles or glass bottles? Drop ins or not? There are many different questions to ask yourself and they are all very important.

When deciding what type of bottle you want to buy, do remember that your baby’s personality and preferences will be important. This may sound silly but once your little one arrives, you will notice that they will not drink as well from certain bottles whereas they will have an easier time drinking from others. Some babies will eat well out of every bottle they are given but do not count on this because many do have preferences. So do not plan on buying all of your baby’s bottles prior to their birth. Also do not buy all one style or that will turn into the one they do not like, please see some good health tips online to buy one such bottle for kid.

Glass bottles are becoming more and more popular because of the belief of the chemicals that are in plastic bottles. However, Playtex bottles can actually be much healthier for your baby because they are economically priced so you can throw them out when they begin to get older and therefore will have fewer bacteria from constant use. Again, this may sound strange to some people and you may be thinking that if you clean your bottle well this is not going to be an issue. The fact is, however, that no matter how well you clean your bottle, bacteria will begin to build up. Even using a steamer or other deep cleaning methods cannot prevent this.

Playtex bottles also include many different styles that are beneficial to the baby and their digestion. This includes different nipple shapes and sizes and different shapes and sizes of the bottle itself.  These shapes theoretically allow less air to get into the bottle and into your baby’s digestive system therefore creating less gas. In addition you can get drop in bottles or bottles in which the formula is poured directly into the bottle itself. Some people prefer drop ins because they are more easily cleaned and prevent the spread of bacteria.

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