Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sickle Cell Anemia Care

As a disease that is inherited from parents to children, it is a silent killer. Many children will die this year of this disease, not knowing that they carry it in their blood. Sickle cell anemia is a disease of the blood and has no cure. It can only be managed and unfortunately, for most children with sickle cell anemia, they die young. This disease causes the red blood cells of the person’s blood to assume a sickle shape and this reduces their capacity to carry oxygen to the brain,

the heart and other major organs of the body. One can be affected by the full sickle cell anemia and the sickle cell anemia trait which is less deadly. This disease is characterized by fainting spells and low blood count. They are weak in nature and will have a lot of joint pain. Since there is no cure to this disease the only way to deal with it is to manage it or to prevent it altogether.

The prevention and best health advice of this disease is not to give birth to sickle cell anemic babies by making sure both partners do not have it in their genes. It is very serious, that if you have sickle cell anemia you should marry a person without the sickle cell anemia in his or her genealogy. If two anemic partners get married, they have a 75% chance of getting sickle cell anemic babies. If both of them have the less deadly version of sickle cell anemia, then they will have a 25% chance of getting sickle cell anemic babies. The children may not have the disease and maybe they will not have to deal with it for the rest of their lives but thers is a good chance that they will pass it to their generations. This is because they carry it in their genes. Such a child should marry a person without it in the genes. This will have eliminated the chances of getting a sickle cell anemic child by a great percentage

Sickle cell anemia is managed by medication, prescribed by a doctor. The situation gets worse if the child gets malaria so one needs to make sure he or she sleeps under a mosquito net. A person with this disease should be exposed to cold as it leads to chills, which can aggravate a crisis and so should the child be prevented from taking part in extreme physical exercises. The effect of this is that it can make a child to get into a crisis.


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