Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sexual Health Issues : Frigidity

Frigidity is regarded as a sexual dysfunction amongst women characterized by losing the ability to experience pleasurable emotions during sexual intercourse. To that we might add that psychology has replaced this term with female sexual dysfunction and according to the manual of diagnosis, it refers to issues of sexual desire, pleasure, arousal, proper functioning in sexual behaviors.
Frigidity has mainly psychological causes, but there might be some organic ones as well. It is an entire taboo weaved around the problem of being frigid,
some regard it as a psychological issue, others simply like to consider it an insult adressed to women.
The fact is that frigidity was considered for many years equivalent to a problem men have: impotence. Nowadays it is still not crystal clear what makes a woman frigid and what not. A couple of differences should be noted though. Frigidity is not the same with the genital problem called Dyspareunia, a medical issue that manifests through pain during sexual intercourse. Frigidity is also different from Vaginismus, which is a medical condition characterized by involuntary contractions of the pelvian muscles that makes penetration difficult, if not impossible.
Some men consider frigidity as the inability of having a vaginal orgasm. This is far from truth. The vagina is not even designed for achieving internal orgasm, the organ specialised in achieving climax is the clitoris. If this area is not stimulated properly, some men regard the woman as being frigid.
Poor sexual experiences, anxiety regarding the act of being intimate with the partner, unfortunate events and traumas in the past, depression, illneses, infections and other physical causes, inadequate stimulation, etc, all of these might turn a woman into a frigid one.
Since frigidity is organic in nature as well, we’ll enumerate some causes related to physical and physiological healthcare review issues: hormonal imbalances, various illnesses of the genitaelia and the urinating system, inflammatory diseases, infections, or even malformations of the sexual organs can lead to frigidity and the decrease of libido.
Frigidity might be a sign of psychological health problems as well as medical concerns and diseases. Not to mention the fact that frigidity, by it’s nature, can affect a woman’s health by making her become neurotic, according to some, even infertile, it can cause migraines, depression, lack of confidence, fear or having sexual intercourse etc.
Frigity is not something to be taken lightly, considering the consequences that this might have over a woman, both psychological and physiological. Women are advised to consult a specialised physician to remove all doubts concerning any organic causes, and furthermore, a psychologist to deal with her mental health issues, if any manifestations are present.


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