Monday, August 9, 2010


                                                                                                                 Menopause is all about the fluctuation of the hormones in a woman’s body, estrogen to be precise. This hormone reduces in quantity and with time it is too little. The symptoms of estrogen loss are pretty much the symptoms of menopause. Of course this is the time in a woman’s life when the menstrual cycle reduces and finally stops. Women experience tiredness and hot flashes and may have a hard time sleeping. Sleeping disorders are common at this time and can manifest themselves in two ways; a woman may sleep too
much or sleep too little which is bad for her health. One has to get this checked out and treated as soon as possible. Also, their sexual lives will be affected due to the absence of this hormone. Due to the lack of this hormone, the woman can also get a lot of health problems. There are many functions of this hormone, and one of them is to keep the brain in top shape, the lack of which will make a woman’s brain function reduce. Diseases of the brain come up at this age.      
One of the problems that women are mot subject to due to menopause is heart diseases and since this is a disease that is compounded by weight, women who are menopausal need to be very watchful at this time.  As a rule, such women should ensure that they do not carry excess weight on their bodies. Excess weight is hard to remove from their bodies as with age, the human body takes a long time to shed off excess weight. There are many options of losing weight with age and one of them is light exercises and eating good foods as well as supplementing the nutrients.
Since menopause is part of life and all women go through it, it is best to manage it by living a good quality life, eating good foods and exercising as much as you can. Maintaining good body weight matters a lot at menopause; but also in other stages of life. Some may supplement this hormone, which is also a good option as the lack of it causes wrinkles on the skin.  The one gets weaker and weaker and degenerates after some time. Menopausal women are also subject to osteoporosis, which gets worse with age.  This disease is characterized by weak bones and a hunched back. The bones and the teeth are affected, leading to the weakening of the bones and the loss of teeth.

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