Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why Do Women Develop Breast Cancer

Risk factors that can be manipulated
While natural factors such as genetics, age, race, gender and others cannot be manipulated in order to decrease women’s chances of having breast cancer, those factors regarding the life choices that women make and environmental aspects that can be manipulated represent women’s chance to fight against the possibility of getting the disease.
The decision and determination of doing certain actions that help controlling the risk of having breast cancer remains a matter of personal values and choices. Women can try and do something about it. Here are the factors that can be manipulated in order to preserve a better health.
Alcohol is such an ordinary beverage if consumed with moderation. Breaking this rule besides all the issues that occur along with having more than one drink per day, can lead to breast cancer.
Birth control pills have been put on the list of risk factors as well. But this refers only to continuous usage of birth control pills. Once the pills are not ingested regularly anymore, the risk of getting breast cancer decreases again.  That’s why birth control pills have to be taken only if prescribed by the personal doctor.
Life without children is risky when talking about the breast cancer issue, as well as the fact of having them, but later during a woman’s life cycle. Bearing children more than once and giving birth during youth helps preventing breast cancer. Being pregnant lowers the number of menstrual periods and this seems to decrease the chances of having cancer located in the breast area.
Women who don’t breast-feed their children have an increased risk of getting breast cancer compared to women who naturally feed their babies at least one year and a half. This might have to do again with the decrease of menstrual periods that seems to benefit a woman’s health regarding the breast cancer issue.
Exercising is well known as a life choice with high benefits regarding healthcare tips and this makes no exception when the risk of getting breast cancer is involved. As long as a person exercises at least 30 minutes a day, then this might reduce the chances of having such a disease.
Weight problems are linked to a higher risk of having a lot of health issues, including the condition of having breast cancer. Being overweight is a problem that should be avoided in order to preserve one’s good health.

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