Thursday, July 22, 2010

HIV/AIDS : Dealing with It

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, one of the worst STD’s if the current world. The virus, otherwise known as the Human Immune Deficiency Virus, cause the weakening of the immune systems of the body, such that the person with the virus can be killed by a simple cold infection. AIDS, the acquired immune deficiency syndrome is the last stage of the disease, where a person is wasted by the disease and eventually dies. AIDS is characterized by many diseases, wasting of the flesh. At this stage, the brain is also affected by the disease; the person may become a mental case at the end of his life. This disease has ravaged many people in the last century. At the beginning of the AIDS pandemic, this was an
infection that brought about a lot of discrimination. The disease is characterized by opportunistic infections like tuberculosis, which takes a long time to heal, even in people with normal immune systems. For persons with HIV, this takes a longer time to heal, and may not heal at all. One has to make sure he is not infected with any diseases if he has HIV.

HIV is caused by sexual contact, most of the time. Mother to child transmission of AIDS has been challenged to an extent and in the cases that this happens, it is because of ignorance. The sharing of body cutting items like razors, which may expose a person to someone else’s blood can cause AIDS. Also, blood transfusion from a person who is infected by the disease is a cause. Because of the effect of the HIV virus on the person’s immunity, a person with the HIV virus has a higher chance of getting Infection such as cancers. Early detection of the virus has enabled the dieses to be stopped in its tracks for many people. This is a disease that has no cure yet.

As for those who suffer from HIV, there are anti-retroviral drugs, which can be used by them. These are drugs that used to reduce the effects of the disease on the HIV infected person. Mothers with HIV are not supposed to breastfeed their own children. Counseling is done for many infected people, to help them to live a better life. Behavioral change also helps a lot to reduce the risk of passing the infection to other people as well. The AIDS vaccine is something that the world is looking to invent by the experts are yet to be successful. Prevention is better than cure.

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