Sunday, July 18, 2010

BRAIN HEALTH; What To Do To Ensure You Do Not Have Brain Diseases

The brain is the center of the body, and with it all the functions for the body originate. The brain has many disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, epilepsy are all diseases of the brain, some which are hereditary, some which are not. There are many things you can do to ensure you are not suffering from any of the diseases. You will be surprised at how easy these steps are, here are your healthy living tips for brain.

First of all, you have to eat well. Eating well is pretty easy, you have to eat fresh foods and make sure you have supplemented the nutrients you have taken. Organic foods are a must; you have to take foods that have not been processed
for good health. Avoid processed sugars and sweets; instead use natural sugars. This is a lifestyle and not something you do today and abandon tomorrow. The food you eat will
depend on you nutritional needs which are determined by your age, then the kind of physical activities you get involved in everyday. You can get a nutritionist to help you to determine this. Good quality food helps to increase the memory capacity of your brain.

 Aside from eating well, you need to exercise. Physical exercise for the rest of your body goes hand in hand with the exercises that need to be done on your bran. You need to do some math, solve some quizzes etc. try out some tongue twisters. Keep doing something new, which the brain will have, a challenge at doing. Try out a new hobby and this way, you will be helping your brain to do things it is not used to doing and increase its capacity day in day out. Exercising could be a simple as jogging; which has been known to increase the grown of brain cells.
Reduce the stress levels in your life however much you can. Do not work for more hours than you are supposed to be working. Pick up a hobby, if you do not have one, play catch with your family pet. Do not drink alcohol, it has been known to reduce the size of the brain and so reduce its functions as well. Make sure you have slept for the recommended eight hours in a day, nothing more or less. Eat for your brain; eat a lot of foods that help you increase the capacity of your brain. Omega 3, the fat found in fish is good for the brain and increases its capacity.

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