Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Advantages Of Natural Child Birth

Many mothers are today choosing caesarian delivery over natural childbirth is the best health advice, mainly because of the pain and the scare that is associated with natural childbirth. Mothers are always looking forward to the time that they will give birth, but the delivery itself isn’t exactly what they look forward to. The costs are very high, (caesarian delivery) and it has been said that natural birth is better than caesarian childbirth. Choosing natural birth is like choosing between the health of your baby over
your own as kids born this way are healthier than caesarian birth. For natural childbirth, you do not have to spend a lot of money; you can save up for other things. Caesarian childbirth is more expensive and it is scarring. If you plan to get pregnant again, you want to reconsider this kind of birth and if your work requires you to use a lot of physical strength, you may not be able do so. This is aside from the pain of the scar.

Natural childbirth means the delivery of a child the natural way, without the assistance of anesthesia so that she is fully aware of what is going on in her body. She will be able to control her body movements and this will also be the case after the child birth. For those who use anesthesia, she will not be able to move the lower part of her body for some time. Natural childbirth also means that the mother does not have to lie on her back. She can use all the child birth positions that will help her to push the baby out in the middle of her labor.

For natural childbirth, you want the mother to walk while in labor this is not possible when in assisted childbirth and this can increase the pain all the more. The baby, since he or she will not be forced out of the womb, will be better at using his or her reflexes. He or she will cry faster and will be able to use his her hands to reach out for touch. It will be harder for you to handle the next pregnancy if you have a caesarian delivery and for many, the pregnancy may be lost if the uterus cannot hold the child. That is why many such women are put on bed rest as early in the pregnancy as the first month. There are mothers who cannot deliver naturally, so you need to know where you belong.

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