Sunday, May 2, 2010

Powerful Ally in Fighting Arthritis Pain-Regular Exercises

Regular exercise not only helps in fighting arthritis but it also help Strengthen muscles surrounding the joints, and which provide more support. For increasing the interior lubrication one should keep the joints moving not as much of strain they can move more with less nervous tension. Keeping the joints affecting also increases their internal lubrication so they move more easily and with less strain. People with arthritis should take walks once or twice a day, it’s a superb exercise. It will not only help in strengthen the muscles but also put very less stress on joints. And some others activities which help in easing and preventing arthritis pains are bicycling and swimming and if u wan not to hurt yourself while doing exercise And don’t forget to warm up by stretching for some minutes before putting your body in motion Regular exercise is a powerful ally in fighting arthritis pain, will help keep muscles and joints limber. Doctors recommend exercises for such patient of arthritis three or four times a week, for twenty to thirty minutes each time.

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