Monday, May 3, 2010

Osteoarthritis - Degenerative joint disease -Spondylosis

Osteoarthritis is a disease which affects the cartilage as well as the lining of the bones of a joint. One can come out of this disease if a sufferer remains active and maintains a normal weight and with anti-inflammatory therapies called nsaids and coxibs. By using this one can also get relief from symptoms’. One can get natural potential by taking Glucosamine sulphate. Because of this disease, if hips and knees got badly damaged, can be replaced easily now days. Mostly because of this type of arthritis wear and tear work arises in the body. And the main symptom of this disease is pain and stiffness one can feel because of this all the tissues surrounding the affected joint eventually become abnormal, bones lose their natural lubrication and become stiff and noisy. The primary Treatment is the exercise and weight loss, drugs playing only a small part in therapy. Osteoarthritis used to be seen as a consequence of wear and tear of the joints. More aggressive type in this disease is called erosive osteoarthritis. Patient education is must in this case. In spite of pain, it is important for a patient to keep active, may experience so many difficulties in doing work like in climbing stairs or tying their shoelaces.

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