Monday, May 10, 2010

Gout arthritis can be cured with healthy diet

Healthy diet is essential for everyone, it is well recognized. Patient of arthritis however, sometimes look beyond this saying of healthy eating and look for a perfect diet for cure. Diet can influence some types of arthritis, but to understand it in depth we need to unde3rstand the type of arthritis and the kind of diet that must be given to arthritis patient. One type of arthritis which for which diet plays a vital role is gout, which is affected by high uric acid levels. The perfect diet should not include alcohol at all. Because alcohol increases uric acid. Urine-rich foods can lower blood uric acid levels and lessen the chances of a gout attack. Urines are natural substances found in some foods. Alcohol playa an opposite role therefore alcohol is known to alter prune metabolism good diet changes may decrease the severity of gout attacks. Dietary modifications are very useful for those people whose tolerance power is low. if one does not take good diet than the chances of putting up weight increases therefore many arthritis patient face this problem of excess body weight. This also has a valid reason, i.e arthritis putt extra strain on already burdened joints. Researchers have shown that people who are 20 percent or more over normal body weight have more problems with their arthritis.

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