Thursday, May 6, 2010


FOOT arthritis can also cause serious foot pain. Sometimes it can cause joint pain, toe pain, ankle pain and treatment for foot arthritis is foot surgery, joint protection. Pain relief of arthritis can be done by natural pain remedies, pet therapy, painkillers, pain research, pain relief gadgets, relaxation, meditation, foot exercises, medical marijuana, music therapy, otc pain relievers, hypnosis or hypotherapy, warm water therapies. One can also cope with this problem by making himself mentally strong. And for a arthritis patient it is a very vital thing to cope with the pain. This chronic condition becomes part of arthritics patient. Part of which the cope in daily life. Chronic pain range from mild to brutal and can last whole life. Chronic problem last all day till one sleeps. This pain doesn’t go even with painkillers. Patients will have to prepare their minds that this serious problem is not of today and tomorrow. He will have to cope up with this problem, his whole life. A person having Osteoarthritis of the foot can suffer from pain and feel disable also to do any work.

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