Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flat shoes reduce the stress of arthritis

According to a latest research wearing flat and flexible shoes can reduce the stress on your joints and keep us more comfortable if you are suffering from arthritis because of which you have knee problem .Arthritis in the knee is widespread and a foremost cause of disability .For people with knee arthritis, the shoe should bend easily, which results in less stress on the forefoot. Choosing footwear for people will be an important remedy for relieving from arthritis pain’s lot of foot doctors would say a cushioned shoe, rather than a stability shoe or a rigid control category of shoe. The foot specialist say that flip-flops, although they didn't intensify the forces on the knee, aren't the best shoe type, especially for older adults with knee arthritis. Different shoes have different effects on the knee like Clogs, An athletic shoe, which promises to minimize inward rolling of the foot, Flat walking shoes, Flip-flops. So a smooth walking shoe would be enhanced than a flip-flop for other reasons. The most up-to-date study says study that even, flexible footwear significantly reduces the load on the knee joints compared with supportive, stable shoes with less flexible soles. The loads on the knee joints depending on the footwear. SO ONE SHOULD WHO IS SUFFERER TAKE CARE IN WEARING SHOES TOO.

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