Friday, May 7, 2010

Arthritis patients and drugs

Most arthritis treatment is treated with arthritis drugs. Patients are often eager to know and learn about newer arthritis drugs. In the past decades science has brought 10 new drugs for this arthritis. And science also promises many more new and advanced medicines of arthritis. Many new medicines which are just added in 2009 are rheumatoid arthritis (raw), gout, fibromyalgia and kindred (anaconda) which is approved by fda. This was approved for those arthritis patients who fail one or more demands, which means disease-modifying-anti-rheumatic-drugs. This is a type of protein found in excess in rheumatoid arthritis patient. Another important medicine is humor (adalimumab), this is the first human monoclonal antibody approved for the reduction of signs and symptoms inhibiting the progression of structural damage in adults along with moderately to severely active rheumatoid arthritis which have had an inadequate response to other demands. Another medicine is cambia (certolizumab pegol), it is a tuff blocker. The same class of drugs as embers and humira, climzia. it is tuff because it is less toxic to cells because of the chemical properties it carries researchers in Sweden report, Rheumatoid arthritis patients who take the biologic drugs regicidehumira, and envelop not appear to have an increased risk for developing cancer in the first few years of use.

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