Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Arthritis affects many people. In us 4o million people are affected by it. Arthritics can occur in any age. Arthritis is a joint pain in the area of body where two different bones Meet. Arthritis is a joint disorder. The causes of arthritis depend on what form of a Arthritis is it. It can be caused by some injury, or sometimes it is also carried hereditary. Arthritis can cause joint stiffness, redness, warmth, swelling in that part. Sometimes Arthritis affects other body parts also. Sometimes in some cases patient also faces serious problems like weight loss, abnormalities in other organs. Many types of Arthritics are there, and day by day it is increasing in our environment. Firstly the one which is involved in wear and tear of cartilage and secondly the one which is caused by inflammation, which results in overactive immune system. The Part of the third world which carries a major amount of arthritis patient is US. Arthritis Is found in all the age group and in both the sexs.i.e men and women both. Not only this, it is found in children also.Therfore its diagnosis is very important. One should not that both before and after diagnosis. Doctors can really help arthritics patient.

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