Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yummy BreakFast Dieting

Some people think that having breakfast everyday may make them heavier. Others think that breakfast may make them to feel lazy in the morning itself. Leave all aside, I suggest you to take breakfast regularly but in a healthier manner. Or else you have a possibility of getting what you think.
Yup! When I say healthier breakfast, I know you all think of what the crap is that? But on the whole it is simple to have and simple to make, too. When we talk about having breakfast just to take care of health. Now its time for you to think that healthier breakfast is normally not tasty. So finally u think you should scarifies your yummy tasty breakfast’s or to skip and starve.

If you wonder about that, then it’s time for you to free your mind and follow my suggestions for some good ways for having your breakfast. 
Take sandwich for breakfast using whole wheat bread.
Add some low fat cream, mayonnaise, or butter with low-fat yoghurt with your sandwiches or bread.
Take vegetable dipped in low fat creams or milk.
Can go for milk, cheese, and yogurt with lesser fat in it, yoghurt (low-fat), roasted grains or cereals, low-fat milk and cereals, air compressed popcorn with less salt.
Cookies like oatmeal cookies ,whole grain cookies and graham cookies are best.
Fresh fruit salads with mixture of fruits like apple, banana, pine apple, papaya etc. and add Cottage cheese in it.
Grapefruit with whole-wheat toast & almond butter is really yummy one.
Spread Wheat crumps bars along with less fat cottage healthy cheese and have a glass of  fresh fruit juice without or with sugar.
Sprinkle and float whole grain cereal on top of berry yogurt especially less fat one and use fine ricotta rich cheese mixture and have it together.
Hardboiled Egg with pepper and grapefruit juice.
Oatmeal with raisins or berries and a glass of milk.

Rather taking a regular dieting style. You may try with these yummy diet techniques to make you feel comfortable with what you think and what you are. This may gain you a satisfaction of having breakfast with no diet in mind. It’s really awesome. Just try it guys, Have a healthy dieting with breakfast!

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