Friday, February 5, 2010

Why Blood Pressure ?

Blood pressure, being one of the usual problems in many people regardless of age. But what is this actually deal with our body and heart. My main objective of this article is to explain what is blood pressure and cause of blood pressure (bp) in layman terms.
Blood pressure is the energy that forces into your and make blood exerts on to your main arteries as it flows all the way through to your body. If you are a person who have high blood pressure, it means your blood is exerts too much force in the direction of flow on to your arteries and is making your heart’s job more complicated by pumping blood more hard than it does.
As of now, our heart is a commanding and well-organized muscle, but if it’s made compelled to o work hard than before, that to for too long it can enlarge than usual, tire out or fail, resulting a stroke, heart attack or an unexpected early death.
Having read this, by this time you would be questioning yourself , “Is my blood pressure normal?” how can i ensure my blood pressure remain safe ?
Then the first step is to get your blood pressure checked immediately if you find such symptoms, which can be proficient in a variety of ways. First of all, check the blood pressure at nearby local clinics or you can also find inexpensive blood pressure equipment in the majority drugstore chains that permit you to confirm your blood pressure at any time when it’s convenient for you.
If your BP level is between 120/80 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) that is “12 over 80” – normal else you will lead to Hypertension and so you will be forced to take the measurements. As once you find you are heart becomes fan of BP please do avoid stuffs like caffeine, smoking, stress, pain, lack of sleep, hypertension factors can reason blood pressure to rise provisionally for some time.
Now this question would arose in your mind,How to avoid Blood Pressure? So when we talk about remedies of such problems of Blood Pressure. Then you could probably go for my simple sugesstions like 1. Regular physical activity may strengthen and power your heart 2. Meditation 3. Yoga. 4. Control over food with less salt usage and added your doctors prescription may serve you a better idea on blood pressure.

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