Friday, February 5, 2010

Reason for Hair Fall

Hair loss is normally loss of hairs in combing, shampooing or sometimes while sleeping, on pillows and bed can be ascertained as a major cause of hair fall.
There is a natural law said to be like for a loss of every one hair in our body gives birth to a new hair at the same place. Don’t know how far it’s true? But still we can see the bulk amount of hair falling everyday and tending us to feel a thin and transparent hair.
To show a proof of having high hair fall. Let me ask you a simple question, have you seen bald women more common than a bald man.
Guess this gave you all a clear idea on hair care and consciousness to take care of it by all especially to men who is in the starting stage of hair fall.
As per the study on hair fall research by many scientists tells that It is normal for a human to shed probably from 50 to 80 strands of hair in a day. But over all its been analyzed that over 90% of hair which tends to grow in a day.
Hair fall naturally to all people as common but the amount of fall may vary. Normally it is said that women has less potential to lose their hair compared to man. Men may lose their hair due to reasons like poor shampoo or colored attractive hair products. Even women do these mistakes but the amount of hair fall may be less. The reason for such hair fall may be dandruff in hairs, scalp diseases like Hormonal Imbalances, Microbe-Attacks, Trauma, Environmental Stress, due to unhealthy hair color products or it, Pregnancy, Birth Control Pill, Menopause may be even hereditary.

Guess this article of mine gave you a top notch idea of hair fall cause and control. If you want to add more meaning to my article do post your comment and let all others follow it here.

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