Saturday, February 6, 2010

Easy Weight Losing Tips For Women

Eggs for your breakfast: We all know that eggs are rich in protein and can give you the enough energy for your daily day's work. Usually women skip their breakfast or keep starving for reducing their fats in their body but that is the worst way for reducing weights. Most of the fat people skips their breakfast and the healthy people will be regular in their breakfast. So egg is the best choice for your breakfast which fulfills your energy and in which the white part of the egg is high in protein.
Eating slowly can reduce your weights: Have you ever come across the fact that a brain takes 20 minutes to realize whether the food consuming fulfills our body or not. So if we eat fast we could possibly add fat to our body than the slow eaters.
 Eating slowly May helps our brain to realize before us consuming more calories in our body which may leads to weight loss.
Walking daily can makes you fit: Walking is obviously a good exercise and healthy for our body. It not only reduces our weight but also makes our body fit and healthy. You may think this is a usual tip given by all but that is the best way to burn out your calories. Set your goals to walk a certain distance daily and achieve it by walking regularly and it will surely burn out your excess fat and makes you fit.

Eat fruits & vegetables: It is not important to consume more foods but to consume healthy foods, that are why doctors are recommending to eat fruits and vegetables daily. They hav lot of fibres,vitamins,antioidant which are good for our health and fills our stomach and they less calories in it, so that we can reduce intake of calories to our body.

Water can helps weight loss: Drink at least 2 liters of water daily. It helps in hydrating our body and gives energy at peak times. Water can fills our stomach and reduce our hunger so that it could stop overeating. Drinking plenty of water could also reduce your stress and it helps in reducing weights.

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