Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dry Skin Care

I find many people feel bad that they have a dry skin. But as far as I am concern, Dry skin is better than oily one. Whatever it may be, we all are just humans and not ever satisfied with what we have. Its normal human tendency to carry our self better among all.
When you have dry skin, it’s usually you don’t look bright in your make ups and you may fail to make your looks impressive. So thought why I don’t help my readers to overcome dry skin problem and make them beautiful ever.
In fact the main remedy to overcome skin problem is traditional style of old queens, early days and even now many use milk bath.
But it’s obvious that we can’t follow it now, in this period of time due to our economical problems. So why don’t you try with these remedies witch less expensive.

Tip 1:
Milk bath is really an effective way to prevail over it.
Tip 2: Almond oil + powdered milk added to warm water.
Tip 3: Hydrate your skin with moisturizer on your face and body before sleep.
Tip 4: Apply olive oil + 2 – 3 drop of lime juice + glycerin.
Tip 5: Use light moisturizer during summer & heavy moisturizer during winter
Tip 6: Apply lime juice + fresh milk cream 10 minutes before bath.
Tip 7: ½ tsp of honey + egg yolk + milk powder.
Tip 8: Apply Grated cucumber paste all over the face to make skin tight and fresh.
Tip 9: Spread normal mayonnaise over the face for 20 mins before bath
Tip 10: Coriander,Cumin & turmeric use often with food to avoid dry skin problem.

Added please avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeine and avoid walking in sun often. Keep yourself protected from direct sun rays.

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