Monday, February 8, 2010

Diet Plan : Contribute 600 calories /Day

Early morning: 1 glass of warm water + few drops of lemon / honey + Hot water (Optional)
Breakfast : people who can follow strict diet may follow light break fast, but have to sacrifiece taste to have some healthy breakfast or else you can refer my Yummy Breakfast post to add some good taste to your breakfast. Anyway I will suggest with some best calorie reducing stuffs here..
Any one or two of the following items:
a. Just a cup of tea or coffee with a little quantity of milk added to it.
b. Any fruit or fruit salad (except ripe fruits like mango or banana)

c. 2 or 3 tomatoes or cucumbers salad
d. Boiled egg. With milk
Midday meal :

a. Start a meal with cucumber or tomatoes [salads or raw ones say 2 or 3 in numbers]
b. Before starting with rice, start One small chapatti
c. Take 1/2 bowl of moong soup
d. Non vegetarians - can have piece of meat say non fat one or preferably fish.
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<!--[endif]-->Early evening: Cup of tea / Sugessions as per the breakfast [Look above]

Supper: As per the mid day meal. Try avoiding wheat or bread.

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