Monday, February 8, 2010

Cause For Pneumonia in Infant

Pneumonia in infant is quite normal but it is a bad disease that can lead to poor health conditions or it may go to an extend of death. Pneumonia in a layman term is an infection in lungs (Either one or both). The cause of such Pneumonias infection in lungs is due to micro organisms like bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.
Pneumonia starts to infect in throat or nose. Often people may conflict Pneumonia with slight cold or flu. And never care so much on the issue. But I always advice you to take your kids to doctors even for their cold and cough’s.

And I thought to share some key symptoms of Pneumonia, these are the usual symptoms but symptoms and treatment may vary regardless of age and the kind of infection. The below listed symptoms may occur as combined or may only get infected by one issue.

The key symptoms are like:
1. fever ,chills, cough
2. Pulse may be rapid.
3. Slow and smallness of breath and chest pain.
4. Headaches and vomits
5. loss of appetite
6. Nausea
7. Lead to joint pains and muscle ache along with body pain.
8. sweaty and sticky skin
9. In intense cases, color change as gray or bluish color of the lips and fingernails of the infants.
10. Sound breathing
11. Lost and tired in behavior

So parents keep track of your lids and do doctor check up regularly if you find any such activities in your kid. More over the treatment may vary based on the kind of infection. Usually a doctor find it by testing on lung tissues and confirms Pneumonia. Anyways prevention is better than cure. So protect your child from Pneumonia and take necessary precautions as and when required.

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