Wednesday, February 3, 2010

15 Easy Weight Loss Tips For All

1. Maintain Dietary control throughout the day and exercise regularly.
2. Don't be overly-restrictive to your diet. Eat adequate food.
3. Understand Food Claims and maintain Labels
4. Keep a food journal and follow the chart.
5. Don’t compare yourself with others maintain diet.
6. Increasing being in Physical Activity in regular intervals.
7. Know your daily calorie limit and keep track on it.
8. Sleep it off at least for 8 hours due to your gain peace.

9. Do not Skip Meals or breakfast.
10. Pack a healthy snack rather eating packed oily foods.
11. Break up your sitting time at work and walk for atleast 5 mins in a hour.
12. Do multi tasking when doing exercise ie, strain your mind.
13. Work out in the yard whenever possible as a time pass.
14. Limit junk food consumption and take healthy food or skip those stuffs.
15. Try not to eat 3 hours or more before bed time or sleep.

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